Length 5200 mm, beam 540 mm

CoastRunner is conceived as an all-round kayak, firmly rooted in the Scandinavian kayaking tradition, where touring and racing are important parts of the activities in most clubs. This crossbreeding of racing and cruising has led to rules for touring-racers, with limits on the waterline beam.
Experience has shown that the stability of the most advanced designs for the touring-racer class may be a bit on the challenging side for many paddlers, under less than ideal conditions.
The lines of the CoastRunner are based on one of the most successful designs in this class, the Escape, by the same designer. CoastRunner is however designed without regard to any specific rules.
The traditional length, 5.2 m, is maintained.
The waterline beam is increased about 5 % in comparison to the Escape, which corresponds to an increase in metacenter height (a measure of static stability) of 15 %. The cost of this increase in stability is a loss in speed of 1-2 %, when compared to the Escape.

Waterlines at different displacements (total weight, kg)

The pronounced flare of the midship sections increases the waterline beam with displacement, and gives the boat excellent handling qualities over a large load range.

CoastRunner is made in Denmark, using modern production techniques, which ensures a high and consistent quality.

CoastRunner is designed for the sole distributor, KajakCentrum

Brochure, pdf, Danish